LAKANA Expert Services

LAKANA's agency, professional and client service teams offer countless years of expertise operating and optimizing the performance of digital content businesses.


Our digital agency services 30,000 campaigns annually and over 26 billion ad impressions for 130+ clients. Click here for a look into our creative ad showcase.

  • Creative Design & Content Studio

    We create engaging media that has impact. With a team of twenty-plus visual and interactive designers, copywriters and videographers who have experience with brands, media companies and agencies, there is no creative challenge we’re not able to tackle. Our studio can handle responsive site design, video production and motion graphics, native advertising, copywriting and editing and even brand story telling.

  • Ad Operations, Production & Trafficking

    We served more than 30,000 campaigns last year, averaging 2.58 billion ad impressions per month. Our ad operations unit offers end-to-end digital ad services, from creative design, to trafficking and reporting. We offer more than 100 different ad units in support of all devices in order for stations to maximize their digital offerings and grow their revenue.

  • Copy Editing

    To meet the demands for speed, accuracy and quality for our many news and media clients, we offer a cost-effective near real-time solution for copy editing with turnaround times of less than 10 minutes for most copy. Our service is a proactive insurance policy, giving publishers the ability to produce error-free stories—every hour of every day—that are clear, concise, consistent and clean.


Our dedicated Professional Services team is well-versed in on-boarding clients and has a proven, fine-tuned software development methodology. In the last three years, the team has launched and customized more than 100 sites using this rigorous but agile engagement approach, which includes documenting all requirements before we start the project and getting sign-off on all sides. We measure against these requirements throughout the project, and optimize against them daily and at the project’s conclusion.


Our customers are our greatest asset, and we stay on our toes around the clock to meet their needs. We provide 24/7 rapid response and escalation for all of our products including CMS / mobile platforms, ad operations and trafficking. Our support portal allows customers to submit and track issues and allows our support professionals to document requests and respond quickly and accurately.