LAKANA Media Products

LAKANA's video, monetization and mobile products continuously deliver revenue innovations that maximize ROI on real-time, cross-platform multimedia content delivery.

Insights &

We offer our customers revenue products, strategy and planning to help navigate risky and ever-changing monetization waters. Examples of our service include custom revenue studies to provide insights for the successful adoption of responsive designs; access to knowledge gained from managing more than 50,000 campaigns a year and early access to new revenue-generating opportunities such Facebook Audience Network.

In 2015, LAKANA acquired a leading mobile ad tech company, Kixer, which helps content publishers optimize and grow mobile monetization via newly created ad inventory. Visit to learn more.

Local Media

This is designed specifically for the use case of broadcast news, but is a solid fit for any local media provider. We offer our own fully integrated suite of products and services (although we can also work with third-party solutions in each category).

  • News & Content

    Our team of seasoned journalists provides a 24/7 news desk, with curated national and world news, popular viral stories and unique interactive features. Clients are able to focus on owning their local news while still providing cost-effective top quality news beyond their local market.

  • Local News Apps

    Our apps are tailored to the needs of local broadcast brands and remove the complexity of building, managing and monetizing real-time apps. Our platform is designed and built to be flexible, innovative, configurable, revenue ready and content rich and comes with out-of-the-box solutions for critical local information needs including weather, alerts etc.

  • Election Hub

    Our solution for elections gets election data from on-air to the web in a quick, flexible way. The system is optimized for high-speed results processing and delivery at scale, publishing all data to the web in near real-time. Users can create customizable widgets with any number of races. Images, colors, layouts and widget behavior are all adjustable with a real-time preview of the style.

  • Message Hub

    Message Hub is our messaging and notification hub that powers email newsletters and alerts. The hub simplifies media workflows for sending content to viewers and leverages mobile-first email designs. In addition, real-time granular analysis of delivery and viewer interactions allows stations to understand and improve their delivery rates.

  • User Profiles

    Our platform feature that enables viewers to create a personalized identity to engage with station content like email alerts and UGC. Also enables the collection of first-party data across the digital properties for a station.