Platform: CMS

LAKANA’s Core Content & Experience Management Platform combine the simple usability of consumer publishing with the power, quality and profitability of enterprise-class SaaS technology.

LAKANA Remove Complexity

Remove the day-to-day complexity of technology development and operations, ensure clear upgrade paths, ease of use & support.

LAKANA Community

Offer a strong community of developers, partners and products that contribute to ongoing business innovations.

LAKANA Empower

Empower clients to focus on their core business for greater sales, brand management and audience engagement.


Reduces the total cost of technology ownership and frees you to focus on growing audience and revenues.

Robust Capabilities

LAKANA offers the most flexible, complete, out-of-the-box platform for news media and a platform that scales to meet the demands of real-time alerts, high security needs and breaking news.

Flexible story creation
for every content type including text, photo, video, audio, breaking news, alerts and live streams.

Unprecedented content programming and promotional capabilities
with the ability to configure and surface headline modules on any page or section of your site.

Robust feed management
simplifies ingestion and distribution of your content to and from new and emerging channel partners.

Fully responsive advanced page building,
with simple drag and drop configurations.

Module & Theme Library

With LAKANA you can use our designs or build your own. Our advanced front-end framework, provides hundreds of combinations of UI configurations that can be deployed on the fly without the need of a designer or developer. Putting the control back into your hands.

Why LAKANA is Different

Autonomous: We give our customers full control of their own development with access to our software development tool kit (SDK). Unlike other solutions, there are no backups and cumbersome dependencies on a shared service provider for updates, configurations and design changes.

Customizable: We decouple front-end page management from core CMS workflow and content management. This design allows front-end sites and page designs to be highly customized per site, by non-developers, with reusable modules and components. Clients have full control over every visual aspect and front-end rendering of the public site, removing any dependency on us.

Revenue Ready: Wired to take advantage of new and emerging revenue-generating opportunities.

Responsive: We take a "mobile first" approach. The platform comes with a fully responsive fluid grid framework that can be leveraged by all layouts and front-end modules.

Secure: Content distribution is safe, reliable and meets compliance to maximize control and minimize risk.

Third Party Friendly: The platform comes with a robust inbound and outbound feed management and numerous API’s for quick and easy integration with third parties.

Content Producer Friendly: Our simple-to-use producer interfaces allow non-technical producing teams to, via a drag and drop feature, change page layouts, make or adjust module placement and configuration, and create new pages and sections without touching a single line of code.