Monetization / Video Production

We produce cost-effective, innovative on-air and online commercials that drive both direct response and branding – all within quick turnaround timelines.


Commercial Production

LAKANA provides full-scale, custom production of television commercials from concept to completion. This product includes script creation, custom motion graphics, professional voice-over and full post-production (editing, music bed and file delivery via FTP). Incorporation of advertiser-provided collateral (b-roll, logos and images) is also included. These spots can be created as straight advertiser commercials or web drivers that encourage viewers to visit your website.

Commercial Production - Update

LAKANA can update graphics or images in previous LAKANA-produced spots for less than the cost of a new spot. Updates include changes to graphics, video or images/logos (ex: client changes their logo, an offer date changes, etc.) PLEASE NOTE: script/voice over changes are not included in this update category.

Voice Over - Update

LAKANA can update a script or voice-over on previous LAKANA-produced spots for less than the cost of a new spot. This includes script changes or voice talent changes (ex: the date of a sale or event changes, the client wishes to change from female to male voice talent, etc.). PLEASE NOTE: onscreen video/graphics changes are not included in this update category.

Video Tag

A Video Tag is a short video sponsor message that runs at the end of an existing spot (on-air or online). The sponsor message includes the client logo, the site logo, professional voice-over, and music bed. A Video Tag can be applied to a client-provided pre-produced spot or a LAKANA pre-produced spot. Video Tags are available in two lengths – :10 tag (added to a :20 video) and :05 tag (added to a :10 video).

B-Roll Production

LAKANA’s Video Productions team can develop b-roll footage of web sites to be used in client spots. B-roll footage may include shots of home pages, full-page ads or contest pages, and often highlight a specific campaign or advertiser. The b-roll is designed to be edited into a promotional spot by a station in order to drive viewers to the web site or a specific page, ad or contest (as directed by the client’s order). This product is typically :10, :15 or :30 in length.

We enjoy working with Video Productions, they make the process easy. They’re creative, they’re quick, and most importantly, they’re cost efficient.

Tracy Carracedo, WCVB Channel 5

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