Video Submission Guidelines


Guidelines for Videos Submitted to LAKANA for Digitization (Creative Requested)

The following formats and codecs are recommended for videos being digitized. Other formats and codecs not on this list may be accepted, but could result in a lower quality video.

Preferred File FormatsPreferred Video CodecsPreferred Audio Codecs

Submitting videos that conform to the following specifications will help ensure the best result for the video ad. In general, please submit the highest quality video you have. Videos longer than 30 seconds may exceed the maximum file size limit for LAKANA ad units, and may be rejected.

Preferred Video Specifications
Aspect Ratio16 : 9 or 4 : 3 (4 : 3 may result in black bars on some ad units)
DimensionsLargest available
Frame Rate29.97 fps or higher
Field OrderProgressive
Pixel AspectSquare (1.0)
File SizeLarger than 2.5 MB Less than 1 GB
LengthExactly 15 or 30 seconds (Not including production slate and padding frames)

Preferred Audio Specifications
Sample Rate44.1 MHz or Higher
ChannelsMono or Stereo
Bitrate64 kbps or higher

Specifications for Videos Not Requiring Digitization by LAKANA (Creative Provided)

Universal Video Settings
File Type.mp4
Frame Rate29.97 fps
Field OrderProgressive
Pixel AspectSquare (1.0)
TV StandardNTSC

Universal Audio Settings
ChannelsMono or Stereo
Sample Rate44.1 MHz
Bitrate64 kbps
Max Audio Level12.0 dB

Variable Video Settings
ProductAspect RatioDimensions (WxH)Target BitrateMax File WeightMax Length
Pre-Roll16 : 9640 x 3600.5 Mbps2.50 Mb:30;00
Pre-Roll4 : 3480 x 3600.5 Mbps2.50 Mb:30;00
Mid-Roll16 : 9854 x 4800.8 Mbps3.50 Mb:30;00
Mid-Roll4 : 3640 x 4800.8 Mbps3.50 Mb:30;00
Medium Rectangle16 : 9300 x 1700.4 Mbps2.50 Mb:30;00
Medium Rectangle4 : 3300 x 2240.4 Mbps2.50 Mb:30;00
MR - Expanding16 : 9600 x 3380.45 Mbps2.50 Mb:30;00
Mobile Banner16 : 9640 x 3600.5 Mbps2.50 Mb:30;00
Pushdown16 : 9560 x 3160.4 Mbps2.50 Mb:30;00
Leaderboard16 : 9480 x 2700.6 Mbps2.50 Mb:30;00
Billboard16 : 9480 x 2700.45 Mbps2.50 Mb:30;00
Hover16 : 9640 x 3600.5 Mbps2.50 Mb:30;00
Flex16 : 9600 x 3380.5 Mbps2.50 Mb:30;00
Floater16 : 9600 x 3380.5 Mbps2.50 Mb:30;00
Half Page16 : 9292 x 1640.4 Mbps2.50 Mb:30;00
Weather Channel Pre-Roll16 : 9854 x 4801.9 Mbps4.00 Mb:15;00
Weather Channel Pre-Roll4 : 3720 x 5401.9 Mbps4.00 Mb:15;00
Super Ad Zone16 : 91280 x 7200.5 Mbps4.00 Mb:30;00
NBC Sports Mid-Roll16 : 91920 x 1080N/AN/A:30;00

  • There must be no slate or black frames at the beginning or end of the video.
  • Video length should be no longer than exactly 30 seconds and 0 frames.
  • Audio levels should not exceed -12.0 decibels at any point during the video.
  • File name should only contain letters, numbers, dashes ( - ) and underscores ( _ ), no spaces, special characters, or periods.