Third Party Ad Tags Outgoing


As part of partnerships and third party integration deals, sites may request the capability to display site advertising on another site. LAKANA provides an ad tag service for Standard IAB Ad Unit products.

Standard and Custom Options

Requests for standard DART Javascript tags for those ad products with a single target (page) outside of LAKANA-supported sites will be considered standard. Ad tag requests for ad products other than Standard IAB Ad Units or requests that will require more complicated targeting are available through a custom work request.

Note: Requests for ad products other than Standard IAB Ad Units with a single target will require analysis, scheduling and associated costs.

Target Specifications

Standard outgoing tags include only one target (page) per campaign. This means that the site may request tags for the three IAB Ad Units to appear on one page on a site. More complicated targeting, including multiple pages of a site, will be analyzed through the custom process.