Third Party Ad Tags Incoming


Third Party Ad Tags retrieve third party creative from a third party server and display those ads on LAKANA-supported sites. LAKANA provides a list of pre-approved third party vendors whose ad tags can be served in about two days. New vendor ad tags must be analyzed for technical and product specifications. Turnaround times may depend on adherence to published specifications and responsiveness to requests for changes or updates.

LAKANA provides technical documentation for all supported third party ad products below, through specific Catalog pages. All specifications, including ad sizes, weights, technical requirements and design specifications must be met before LAKANA will serve Third Party Ad Tags. Any capabilities that exceed LAKANA standards (such as video in ad units other than the Display Ad) will need to be tested in an integrated environment before serving.

Third party vendors should be aware that LAKANA uses the following technology on its servers:

  • DFP Premium
  • Revenue Science
  • Google Analytics

Ad impressions for the LAKANA system should include a small increase over the third party's goal. Impression tracking often varies from server to server and this increase will ensure the goal is reached in the third party's system.

Third Party Responsibilities

  • All completed tags must be provided by the customer to LAKANA for insertion. LAKANA does not retrieve ad tags from Third Party Vendors.
  • LAKANA does not provide technical support for third party ads.
  • Third parties will be responsible for all functionality or display issues within the body of the ad.
  • LAKANA will pause (red light) any third party creative interfering with the functionality or display of the site until those problems are fixed.

Pre-Approved Third Party Vendors

For a list of pre-approved, rich media vendors please visit this link.

Certification of New Third Party Vendors

LAKANA will integrate ad tags from other vendors following a technical review of creative and tags to be served. All submitted tags must follow LAKANA's published standards for creative.

The technical review can take up to three business days from submission of the tags and third party contact information. If LAKANA's standards are met, the tags will be scheduled, in order, during the three-day review period. If the third party does not meet specifications and/or does not respond to requests for changes or updates, LAKANA will classify them as a "C" Rated Vendor and will require one of the following:

C-Rated Vendor Options

  1. LAKANA serves the third party creative and the third party sends a 1x1 pixel transparent tracking tag to include when the ad is served. This will allow third parties to track and verify impressions through their system, while giving LAKANA the ability to ensure the ad campaign is stable in its system and on its sites.
  2. The site that submitted the order authorizes extended production time and LAKANA offers consulting services to the third party vendor until the issues can be resolved. If the vendor cannot resolve the technical or production issues after seven business days, the first option will be the only remaining alternative.

Supported Ad Units

  • Rich Media
  • Expandable Ads
  • Floating Rich Media Ad
  • Pushdown Ads
  • Standard IAB Ad Units
  • Video Ads
  • Pre-Roll Video Ads
  • Medium Rectangle Ad - Video

Note: Ads in e-mails are not supported for third party tracking purposes.

Custom Third-Party Ad Serving

All requests for video player integration outside of existing video products will be considered a custom request.