Micro Bar Ads


Micro Bar Ad

Micro Bar Ads are small images, most often logos, integrated prominently into the site content that signify the client has sponsored a specific content area.

Points: 0.75

Production Timeline: 7 Business Days


The Micro Bar Ad consists of a logo or other branding image and a "sponsored by" text treatment.

Logo or Other Branding Image

This image overlays the right side of a Micro bar. The Micro bar style is determined by the style of the particular site and channel.

Technical Specifications


88x31 pixels, 100x34 pixels (Hearst only)

File Format

Transparent PNG-24 image (generally logo) with stroke or glow since image may live on dark or light background

File Size

No limit due to specific size


Includes “Sponsor” text (as template standard indicate) to the left of the image

Note: This logo is small, meaning clients with vertical or long logos should consider providing alternative branding. Specific messaging should not be used for the logo ad element.


Micro Bar Ads denote sponsors for editorial content. Some editorial content areas, such as news and weather, are static and remain in the same location. Other content, such as editorial calendar content (e.g. holidays, events) and promotional content, are in various locations for only specific periods of time. Sponsorship of editorial calendar or event content should be closely coordinated with a site's editorial staff. The specific content area (Micro bar name) and location (channel name) should be indicated when placing the order.

Some content areas exist in multiple areas of the site, such as the home page and the weather page. If the client would like to sponsor more than one area, each location will need to be specified.

Best Practices

Because the dimensions are 100x34, LAKANA recommends a simple text treatment for clients with a vertical logo. The simplest/clean version of the logo should also be provided.

In an effort to keep the site clutter-free, it is more effective to keep the number of Micro Bar Ads sold on one page to a set number. LAKANA recommends three Title Bar Ads per page.

Whenever possible, the sponsored content should correspond with the client's product or service. (e.g. a sporting goods store sponsoring a sports channel). Be aware that certain content areas are more likely to be controversial (such as Irresistible News) and are not ideal for sponsorship.

If an article headline is populated onto the site and is disagreeable to the client, sites must work with their Campaign Specialist to remove the Title Bar Ad until the article is pulled from the site.