Content Integration Modules


Content Integration Module

The Content Integration Module (CIM) integrates the client's content into the site using the standard look and feel of editorial content. Standard placements are above and below the Medium Rectangle Ad unit.

Points: 0.75

Production Timeline: 7 Business Days


The Content Integration Module consists of several components that mimic a standard editorial teaser, as well as an optional logo branding of the content area.


The headline text mimics the site's editorial headline style and links a visitor to the main client content. This link can go to LAKANA -produced advertorial content or link directly to the client's Website. The headline has a 30 character limit.


This image is either 80x60 or 120x90 pixels, depending on location and template. (Right rail placements of CIMs are always 80x60 pixels.) The image links to the client's content and will follow editorial image style including:

  • one-pixel border on images with white backgrounds
  • static images only; no animation

Note: Because this logo is small, clients with vertical or long logos should consider opting out of this feature or providing alternative branding. Specific messaging should not be used for the logo ad element.

Content "Teaser" Text

The teaser text is one or two sentences to tease the visitor into viewing the content. It is limited to 150 characters. The client can link to their content via the "More" link at the end of the teaser text.

Linking URL

All linking elements will direct visitors to either an LAKANA content page or to the client's Website.


Right Rail Below the Medium Rectangle Position: Multiple CIM's can rotate in the same position. Blurbs can exist throughout the page. Main Content Area (with approval).

Third-Party Ad Tracking

Impression Tracking: LAKANA supports third party impression tracking of Content Integration Modules. All tracking is subject to a successful test of the tracking tag.

Click Tracking: Third party click tracking is not supported by LAKANA for this ad unit. However, click command click tracking can be implemented, subject to a successful test.