Third Party Provided


Approved HTML5 Formats

  • A complete, published HTML file
  • A complete creative tag

Note: LAKANA will not host source files

ClickTag Requirements

  • Client is responsible for providing creative with correct clicktags embedded.
  • To request a click tracker from LAKANA, please order the click tracker product in Webscan. CSS will provide click tracker back to station to implement in creative.

Tracking Pixels

  • Client is responsible for providing creative with correct tracking elements embedded

Note: LAKANA does not build tracking lines in DFP for 3rd party creative tags.

Third Party Tracking Pixels

  • LAKANA will implement third party tracking pixels in DFP provided.
  • Client must provide third party tracking pixel implementation instructions if creative is client-provided

Additional Notes

  • LAKANA will not provide instructions to build or troubleshoot third party HTML5 creative
  • LAKANA does not test or preview third party creative in multiple browsers. Client is responsible for ensuring creative will function on intended browser or device.
  • LAKANA will not provide HTML source files. We can provide the creative tag.
  • LAKANA will not provide HTML5 templates.

DFP Conversion

  • Some Flash campaigns will be eligible for automatic conversion to HTML5 by September 1st. DFP converts Flash creative to HTML5 and will serve that creative to devices running iOS 5.1 or higher (Android devices are not currently supported). However, if the Flash file contains features that can't be converted to HTML5 with full fidelity or with an acceptable performance level for a mobile device, you might see the following error displayed: "This HTML5 file will not serve to iOS devices."
  • DFP does not convert your Flash creative to run on web browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.
  • You can test whether your ads can be converted using the Swiffy online converter.
  • Swiffy will not convert Rich Media ads such as Pushdown Ads, Hover Ads, Expanding Ads and Floaters, or Video ads.
  • Swiffy does not convert event tracking (expand, collapse, play, stop, etc.)
  • Ads may visually convert in Swiffy, but may not serve in DFP, or to the browser

Creative Guidelines


  • Impressions
  • Tracking Expand
  • Tracking Collapse
  • Tracking Slide
  • Video Tracking
  • Video Play
  • Video Start
  • Video Mid
  • Video Pause
  • Video Stop

Production Guidelines

Production guidelines includes time for client approval and revisions. LAKANA will provide a concept ad for approval within 1 business day from the time the request is submitted, unless otherwise communicated by your CSS. The timeline for the buildout will vary depending on the size of the request.

Please note an additional day may be required to provide scheduling files and 3rd party ad tags. Additional cost for video production and serving may apply.

Third Party Ad Tags

LAKANA provides a list of pre-approved third party vendors whose ad tags can be served with about two days of testing. New vendor ad tags must be analyzed for technical and product specifications.

For specific details and the approved vendor list, see Third Party Ad Tags.

Note: Third party pixel tracking is available for this product only at an agency's request.

Workflow Definitions

Revisions/Redesigns to Ads

  • A revision request must be assessed based on the defined content limitations below.
  • If the request goes beyond the limit, it is considered a redesign.
  • Additional revisions can be purchased for a current or previous task (1.00 point).
  • After the ad has been served, if the client requests a redesign/revision, a new product should be ordered.


  • Revision: A change request that involves swapping of content (text/images) 1 for 1 with existing content. Revisions do not include adding new content. Revisions will not change the layout of existing ad even if new content forces a restructure. For examples, please see the table below
  • Redesign: A change request that involves a brand new design or restructuring of the layout. Redesign could also include changes to content. For examples, please see the table below
  • Concept: Static mockup/storyboard of a creative that provides the layout of the requested copy/images and/or the flow of the ad.
  • Iteration: A group/round of revisions.
  • Custom Ad: Request of an ad with complex animations and/or interaction functionality that will require more time than the amount allotted for a basic IAB or Rich Media HTML5 animated banner.

RevisionRedesignNeed Assessment (Case by Case)
Text changeChange in offer/promotionText addition
Image/logo swap or removalChange entire color skin/themeImage addition
Animation speedChange event locationEnlarge logo
Video link updateAnimation do-overAdd new/additional images
Hierarchy changesNew collateral providedImage quality enhancements