IAB Static Ads


IAB Static Ads

LAKANA offers an ad development service to create Standard IAB units in JPG and GIF formats.

Points: 1.00

Production Timeline: 7 Business Days

Technical Specifications


The IAB Ad units vary from one site template to another. Ad Creative Services creates the following standard IAB Ad units:

  • Leaderboard: 728x90 pixels
  • Medium Rectangle: 300x250 pixels
  • Wide Skyscraper: 160x600 pixels
  • Half Page: 300x600 pixels

File Format

GIF of JPG, animated or static

File Size

40k max


Four cycle maximum, with a two second pause*

Animation Length

15 seconds

Note: LAKANA allows only simple animations. A maximum of three rotating text blocks is permitted.

Wide Skyscraper (160x600) Example

Medium Rectangle (300x250) Example

Half Page (300x600) Example

Leaderboard (728x90) Example