IAB Floater Ads with Leave Behind


IAB Floater Ad with Leave Behind

The Floater Ad with IAB Leave-Behind Ad includes a Floater Ad and an IAB Ad Unit (Medium Rectangle or Leaderboard). The Floater Ad begins moving over the main content of a site when the page first loads. The Floater Ad then disappears after a maximum of 10 seconds while the IAB Ad Unit remains on the page.

Points: 3.50

Production Timeline: 10 Business Days

Floater Ad Example

Technical Specifications


  • Floater: 500x300 pixels max.
  • Leave Behind: 300x250 or 728x90

File Format

  • Floater: HTML5
  • Leave Behind: GIF or JPG

File Size

  • Floater: 200K
  • Leave Behind: 40K

Internal Links

  • Floater: 3 Max.
  • Leave Behind: 1 Max.

Animation Length

10 or 15 seconds: by default, the ad is limited to 10 seconds. Upon request, the ad length can be extended to 15 seconds.


The ad must appear above the fold in an 800x600 environment.


Impressions and clicks, Close. For tracking definitions, click here


All Floater Ads must include a close button. The close button must appear as soon as the Floater Ad appears on the page.

Note: Some HTML5 elements are not supported on IE9 and older browsers.

Frequency Caps

LAKANA defaults the frequency cap on Floater Ads to one impression per client in a specific location in a 24-hour period. If a visitor views that page a second time within 24 hours, they will not see the Floater Ad.

All requests without specific frequency cap directions will default to the LAKANA standard.

Alternative Frequency Caps

  • Increased Frequency Per Day: The site can increase how many times a client's Rich Media Ad plays each day.
  • Auto Play: The site can request that a Floater Ad displays each time a visitor views the page.

A site can request one of these options for the entire site or by channel. All requests without specific frequency cap directions will default to the Internet Broadcasting standard.

Best Practices

LAKANA recommends creating a Rich Media Floater Ad that is distinctly different from the content behind it (e.g. the news content). The idea is to "break out" of the boundaries of the page's column structure to provide a unique visitor experience.

As with any online ad, it is best to limit the number of words used to get your message across.

Browsers That Best Support HTML5

  • Chrome 37+
  • Firefox 32+
  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11. Some HTML5 elements are not supported in IE9.
  • Opera 22+
  • Safari 6.0+
  • Android Versions 2.2+
  • iOS Versions 5+