IAB Flex Ads


IAB Flex Ad

The IAB Full Page Flex Ad Unit is a full screen ad experience with sight, sound, motion, and interaction capabilities; designed to responsively fit across Websites, Mobile Sites, and Mobile Apps; with consistent behaviors that keep the viewer firmly in control. The IAB Full Page Flex Ad Unit runs on desktop browsers, mobile sites, and open mobile apps displaying the ad unit the first time the user opens the page/app and fills the entire browser or device.

Points: 5.00

Flex Ad - Video

Points: 5.00

Flex Ad - Gallery

Points: 5.00

Flex Ad - Animated

Production Timeline: 10 Business Days

Flex Ad - Animated Example

Technical Specifications


Full-page takeover (100% x 100%) - No specific dimensions

File Format


File Size

Max User-Initiated Load Size; Phone: 100k, Tablet: 150k

Internal Links

3 Internal Links Max.

Animation Length

15 seconds, no looping


Impressions and clicks. Advanced tracking differs per Flex Ad option. For tracking definitions, click here


Close button on the upper-right corner of the ad


24 fps. Max video length 0:30 seconds. Audio must be user-initiated, no looping


7 Images Max.

Note: All third party-provided ads or collateral should indicate the preferred publishing version.

Frequency Caps

Hearst Television Corporate has set the frequency cap at 3/user/day and 1/user/hour.