Sales Program Updates


Sales Program Updates

Sales Program Updates allow for certain ongoing maintenance requests and simple updates.

Points: 1.00

Production Timeline: 3 Business Days

Sales Programs such as Single Page Ads, Contest Pages and Multi-Sponsor Programs occasionally require ongoing maintenance or updates. The following list of commonly requested updates can be requested for one creative point per sales program update product ordered:

  • Swapping or moving hard-coded videos
  • Swapping or removing hard-coded images
  • Updating or removing text (hard-coded or HTML)
  • Swapping contest rules
  • Creating a new contest entrant database
  • Swapping or updating contest questions
  • Updating linking URLs on a page or pages (not ad-server delivered)
  • Sending database information more than once
  • Sending Email blasts more than once

Contact your Campaign Specialist for any request other than those listed here to determine whether the request is eligible for a one-point Sales Program Update.

Note: Sales Program Updates do not include ad units