Photo Contest


Photo Contest

Photo contest adds an additional element of a sign-up contest where users can upload and vote on photos around a theme. Photos can be submitted via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Points: 5.50

LAKANA Designed

Points: 5.00

Station Provided

Production Timeline: 10 Business Days

For all contests that include user submissions, moderation of these submissions will be completed once per business day for up to 30 days of a contest run. Additional moderation will be charged as LSS.

Along with WebScan orders, stations will provide to LAKANA:

  • Direction for creative in header image, or already created 810x300 image.
  • Completed Contest Form
  • Official Rules


  • Complete Contest Form, and upload to WebScan order.
  • Submit WebScan order selecting appropriate type of contest.
  • In WebScan order, include creative direction for header and contest form for that particular type of contest.
  • Standard production guidelines of 10 business days still apply; rush tasks will be accommodated as agency resources are available.