Multi-Sponsor Program



A Multi-Sponsor Program is a flexible template that allows to create multiple, station branding content solution produced by LAKANA. Each single pagel frames the sponsors as experts in their field and offers rotating IAB advertising and sponsor content organized to showcase the client's expertise in the chosen topic or field.

A Multi-Sponsor Program can be based around a narrow topic or include experts from an unlimited amount of topics.

Possible topics include:

  • Local Experts (area services)
  • Health (various specialties)
  • Home Improvement (flooring, windows, roofing)
  • Storm Preparedness (hurricanes, winter weather)
  • Education (tutors, programs, camps)

Points: 12.00

Multi-Sponsor Program Channel

Points: 7.50

Multi-Sponsor Program Article

Production Timeline: 15 Business Days. (Varies upon the number of sponsor pages, please work with your CSS for an accurate production timeline.)

Template Selection

The Multi-Sponsor Program consists of two templates: a multi-sponsor page template, and a sponsor page template. The sponsor page is used to house both Single Page Ads for participating clients and any additional content added via the Multi-Sponsor Program Modules section.

Multi-Sponsor Page Templates

There are two templates available for a Multi-Sponsor Program. Both templates include a topper graphic, rotating IAB Ad units, rotating sponsor blurbs and a exclusive category links area.

  • Left-Rail Template: Left-hand category links for each sponsor. Center column of six rotating CIM Ads. IAB Advertising: Leaderboard Ad in the header and two Medium Rectangle Ads in the right column
  • Right-Rail Template: Right-hand category links for each sponsor. Two columns of five rotating CIM Ads. IAB Advertising: Leaderboard Ad in the header and two Medium Rectangle Ads in the right column

Sponsor Page Templates

A Sponsor Page template houses all sponsor content including sponsors' Single Page Ad. The template includes a left rail. A Sponsor Page includes: category link, company info module, flash video player, photo block, email a friend, sponsor topper, image mapping, feedback form, disclaimer.

  • Sponsor Page: Left-hand rail for default modules. Channel topper. Content Area.

To add or change the default content modules for Multi-Sponsor Program clients, please indicate the requested changes when submitting the order for template production. For a complete list of add-ons please see Sales Program Modules

Multi-Sponsor Program Single Page Ad

All linking elements above link to the sponsor's Single Page Ad (or directly to their website if they choose). The experts Single Page Ad uses a default left rail template that includes a topper graphic that brands the content as part of the channel. The left column can include any of the standard Single Page Ad content modules.

LAKANA recommends that a default left column package be created when selling into an Multi-Sponsor Program.

A common default left column set up includes:

  • Flash Video Ad
  • Company Contact Information
  • Contact/Feedback Form

Design Elements

The site may brand a Multi-Sponsor Program template via the following design elements:

Topper Graphic Element

The Topper Graphic appears at the top of both the multi-sponsor and individual sponsor page templates.

Technical Specifications


858x100 up to 858x140 pixels (100 pixels tall image recommended)

File Format

JPG or GIF, GIF animation allowed, 4 rotations

File Size


Sponsor Logo

Upon request, one sponsor logo and tracked link can be incorporated into the topper

  • If a site will be developing their own logo/topper it should be provided in PSD or AI format.
  • Final logo placement and size will be determined by the designer, but it generally resides in the lower right portion of the topper graphic.
  • A “Sponsored by” text will accompany the logo, unless requested otherwise
  • Topper graphic with sponsor logo cannot have animation

Premium Product Alternative

Up to five logos and links can be included in the topper.

Structure Elements

The templates include design elements that can be designed to complement the chosen design. Our design teams can alter the following elements of the templates:

  • Sponsor Area Title Bar: This title bar is a graphic that titles the area where the sponsors rotate. It can be named whatever the site chooses to name the sponsor area. File Type: JPG or GIF (non-animating)
  • Secondary Title Bars: Secondary title bars have graphic backgrounds that carry through for all title bars in the channel. The text on top of the background is HTML text. The look and feel of all secondary title bars will be consistent throughout the channel. Secondary title bars are used to title all modules.
  • Backgrounds: Column backgrounds are customizable with web-safe, solid colors (specified with hexadecimal values). These colors should be subtle as to not overshadow the sponsor content.

Sponsor Packages

The Multi-Sponsor Program requires a minimum of four sponsors to begin production. After that, sponsors can be added as needed. Each expert in the Multi-Sponsor Program receives the following default elements:

  • Served Content Integration Modules: The Content Integration Module integrates the client's content into the channel by using the standard look and feel of the channel. It includes a title bar, headline, 80x60 pixels logo image, text and link. The sponsor blurbs are ad units and rotate on the experts' page with other expert clients. Depending on which template is chosen six or 10 blurb positions will exist on the page.
  • Rotating IAB Ad Unit Advertising: The Multi-Sponsor Program templates include a rotating Leaderboard Ad position and two Medium Rectangle Ad positions. These will rotate on the page equally between all experts advertisers.
  • Category Text Link: Each Multi-Sponsor Program advertiser will receive a category text link in the category text link area. The text link describes the advertisers area of expertise. The text for the link should be determined by the site and advertiser, but is most often the advertiser's business type. (Example: "Flooring" for a client that sells carpet, tiles, etc.).