Upon request, additional modules, such as Coupons, Feedback Forms, and Flash Video Ads, can be included for additional points.

Content and Graphic Modules

Content and Graphic Modules allow clients to include images (coupons, ads, photos) and vary the display options of the content on the page. Content and Graphic Modules allows you to add any two modules from the Content and Graphic Modules list to a Sales Program for 1.50 points.

Points: 1.50

Production Timeline: N/A

Disclaimer Module

LAKANA suggests including a Disclaimer Module. LAKANA recommends the following text, although this can be altered upon request: "This site's Local Experts' channel does not endorse any advertiser, nor is this site's Local Experts' channel responsible for any information provided in the response that you receive from the advertiser."


Coupons are designed to be printed and redeemed in person. Two sizes are available: a 200x150 pixels or 500x400 pixels.

Company Info Module

An advertiser's general contact information (Web address, e-mail address, phone, fax, mail and street address) can be listed in a column format that uses a pre-made set of icons.

Display Options

Titlebar Color

Any color

Titlebar Text

Font size and color can be manipulated. The font can also be made bold or italic as needed.


Must be black or white

Text Next to Icons:

Font size and color can be manipulated. The font can also be made bold or italic as needed.

Event Details Box

Use an Event Details Box if the advertiser has information (such as the date, time, and location for an event) that would ideally be highlighted on the page and laid out in a more table-like format.


The Event Details Box can be placed at the top of the main text area on any Single Page Template.

Technical Specifications


The possible widths of the Event Details Box in each template are as follows:

  • Standard: 600 pixels
  • Right Rail: 500 pixels
  • Showcase: 770 pixels


Each row will be 30 pixels tall


Each row of information has four pixels of padding between it and the next row


The default font will be 14 pixel Arial


Both the font color and the row background color are customizable

Functionality Modules

Functionality Modules allow clients to utilize various content publishing products and services. From Galleries to Feedback Forms, the additional functionality offered in this section enhances the ability of visitors to engage with the advertiser. Below is a full list of our Functionality Modules:

Gallery Module

Galleries allow clients to showcase multiple images in one area of the page. Visitors can navigate between images by clicking "Back" and "Next" buttons above the image. A 300x225 pixel Gallery may be placed in a Multi-Sponsor Program section. For the section page, the Gallery will be placed in the right column of both the Left Rail Template and the Right Rail Template. On the story page, the Gallery must be placed in the main content area.

Points: 2.25

Production Timeline: N/A

Technical Specifications

Image Amount

10 images is recommended, but up to 25 may be used

Image Size

Flexible - depends on page template and placement. See "Placement" below. Gallery image size for a Multi-Sponsor Program is 300x225 pixels.

Image Format


Border Color


Navigation Buttons

Not customizable. "Next" & "Back", placed above the image. 25 pixels high.


Not required, but recommended. Font size and style depends on the site, as does the total word count

Feedback Form

The Feedback Form is an HTML form used to gather visitor information and provide it to the client via email. Each form includes fields that the visitor must complete before submitting (all fields will be required fields). The information the visitor submits is then sent to designated email address(es). The Feedback Form does not store any information in database.

Points: 2.75

Production Timeline: N/A

Please provide the following information when requesting this add-on:

  • Recipient email address(es)
  • Email subject
  • For each question, please provide: Field type, Question, and Answer options, if applicable

Map Module

The map has two view options: Map and Satellite. Both maps can also apply a Live Traffic Layer, which integrates both options. Both map options can either be interactive or still images. The same navigation controls are the same for all map types.The map itself can display in any aspect ratio or size. The appropriate size will be determined by where the map is placed.

Map icons are used to designate points on a map. A map icon appears next to the actual location/point that appears on the map. There are a variety of map icons, pointers and symbols available. LAKANA's production team can also create 32x32 custom map icons upon request. If a specific map icon is not included in a map request, a designer will choose either the food, star, push pin, or sale icon depending on which is most appropriate.

Additional data can be included with each map marker. This information displays in an "information bubble" that appears when a visitor mouses over a map icon. Information bubble elements include, Name, Note, More information URL, and Image.

Points: 5.5

Production Timeline: N/A

Technical Specifications


Name of client or location


Use the note text to provide more information about the client or location.

More Information URL

The URL specified here will open in a new browser, when clicked. Clicktrackers may be added to this link.


The Information Bubble thumbnail image is 80x80 in size.

Video Modules

Video Modules can be used to show short web-friendly video clips related to a specific client. A single video player and showcase option are available.

Video Showcase Playlist

The Video Showcase Player Module houses a video player as well as links to a set of videos selected by the advertiser or site. The player will display the first video and a set of links below for the viewer to select. The videos and links in the Video Showcase are not served, but can be click-tracked upon request.

A Multi-Sponsor Program uses a 240x180 video player with headline display. The player can auto-play an introductory video, pre-populate a chosen video or display the LAKANA default starting image, which includes a large play button. The videos and links in the video showcase are not served, but can be click-tracked upon request.

Points: 2.75

Production Timeline: N/A

Technical Specifications


320x240, 240x180 or 180x135, depending on location. 240x180 is designed for the left column of the Right Rail template.

Frame Rate

29.97 fps

File Size

2GB Max.

Video Length

15 seconds - 2 minutes. 30 seconds is recommended.


The video player can include a teaser video that auto-plays or can start with only the controls in display.

Players Per Single Page Template


Videos Per Player

40 Max. No more than 10 is recommended

HTML5 Video Player Module

The video in the Flash Video Player Module is programmed onto a Single Page Ad at the top of the right column. The player plays a single video and is defaulted to Auto-Play.

Points: 1.75

Production Timeline: N/A

Technical Specifications


180x135, 240x180 or 320x240 pixels depending on location

Frame Rate

29.97 fps

File Size

2GB Max.

Video Length

15 seconds - 2 minutes. 30 seconds is recommended.


Flash videos auto play by default unless specified. Controls: Play/Pause, Volume, Scrub Bar, Full Screen


1 Max.