Contest Pages



Contest Pages provide contest functionality to collect information from visitors, such as their name, address and email. By default, Contest Pages include the template or layout, a button, a photo block, the contest rules and the contest form. Additional modules can be added for additional points. For a complete list of add-ons, please see Modules.

Note: that LAKANA does not offer a prize fulfillment service, only contest functionality.

Points: 5.50

Contest Page

Points: 2.75

Contest Page - Build

Production Timeline: 10 Business Days

Contest Elements

The Contest Page includes several elements. Click on the name of a Contest Page element in the left column to link down to detailed information below:


The template provides the framework of the page and includes space for images, links and text. For more information visit Single Page Templates.

Contest Form

The standard contest form requests an entrant’s name, email, address and phone number.

Form Customization

The contest form can include specific behaviors such as age limits, as well as other question types.


Opt-ins are the checkboxes at the bottom of the form that allow a visitor to agree to share their personal information with the site and/or client.

Thank You Page

LAKANA provides a default Thank You Page that says, “Thank you for signing up; click here to go back to the homepage.” A client can also customize the Thank You Page.

Contest Rules

These are the legal rules of the contest. The contest cannot launch without final published rules.


Additional content is available for Contest Pages, including coupons and Flash video. For more information visit Contest Program Modules.

Winner and Opt-In Database Information

LAKANA extracts all information requested from entrants via the contest form and provides those answers at the end of each contest. The database information is provided in CVS or Excel spreadsheet format.


Contest Pages are produced using either the Standard Template or the Right Rail Template as described in the Single Page Templates section. These templates will house the contest form as well as additional branding, graphics and modules available to Single Page Ads. Sites may directly choose a template or allow the LAKANA Creative Teams to choose the most appropriate template based on the collateral.

Note: The two-column Showcase Template is not available for use on a Contest Page due to the width of the contest form itself. For more information, visit Single Page Templates.

The Contest Form

All contest forms request a certain amount of personal information form entrants. LAKANA offers two options for collecting this type of information. LAKANA will default to the standard method of entrant data collection, unless specifically directed to use the condensed version.

Standard Entrant Data Fields (Default)

The standard data captured by the contest tool include:

  • First and last name
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Date of birth

Condensed Entrant Data Fields

Another smaller option that collects less information about the client, but may encourage greater participation because it requires less effort and requires entrants to divulge less of their personal information. The data captured by the contest tool include:

  • First and last name
  • ZIP Code
  • Email address
  • Date of birth

Entrant Data Field Styles and Behaviors

  • All Entrant data fields will be required.
  • All text and field borders will default to black. The text and border colors can be changed on the whole to another color if requested or required for design purposes. Individual elements can not be changed.
  • For the standard option, the state will default to the state the site is in.
  • The text in the "Click Here To Enter" button is not customizable.

Form Customization

Additional Form Fields

Additional questions can be added above the user data. The following question formats are supported:

  • Text box
  • Multiple choice (one answer)
  • Check boxes (multiple answers)
  • Drop-down select

Additional Form Behavior

How Often a Visitor Can Enter

The contest form can restrict how often someone can enter. The options are:

  • Just once
  • Unlimited
  • Once a day

The form uses an entrant's email address to determine whether or not they have entered the contest yet. If the visitor has already entered the contest, they will be directed to a page with the following message: “You have already participated in this contest. Good luck!”

Age Limit

The form can restrict contest entrants based on their birth date. Entrants can be restricted to people older than 13, older than 18 or older than 21. If the birth date entered by the visitor makes them ineligible, they will be directed to a page with the following message: “Sorry, we cannot accept your entry. You must be at least (13, 18 or 21).”


All contests include default opt-in opportunities that allow users to choose whether to receive news, entertainment and contest emails. The contest also includes an opt-in for the sponsor of the contest. The language for the sponsor opt-in is as follows:

I agree to receive marketing information from COMPANY XYZ.

Opt-in language is not alterable. However, all opt-ins are removable upon request. Information entered by users who check the sponsor opt-in box can be shared with the contest sponsor.Information entered by users who opt-out of the sponsor information cannot be distributed.

Contest Rules

  • Contest rules must be provided three business days prior to launch.
  • Contest rules pages follow the site's article page style and are not customized to match the main contest page.
  • A link to the contest rules will appear above the main contest form via a text link using the words "Contest Rules." This text can be customized, if desired.

Contest Modules

By default, Contest Pages include a button and a photo block. Additional modules can be added for additional points. Content-specific modules include:

Bounce-Back Email

A Bounce-Back Email Submission is a text only email sent to a contest entrant immediately after he or she enters the contest, thanking the visitor for submitting a contest entry.

Points: 0.50

Production Timeline: N/A

Customized Thank You Page

The default Thank You Page for contests is an article page with the following text:

Thank you for signing up; click here to go back to the home page.

Points: 3.75

Production Timeline: N/A

A Customized Thank You Page allows for graphic treatment and a custom message as in this example.

Email Blast

Email Blast is a customized e-mail that is sent out once the contest ends to everyone who has entered the contest. An Email Blast consists of a client's logos, images and/or text. It is designed to look similar to the contest or form from which it originated.

Points: 2.25

Production Timeline: N/A

Please Note:

  • An Email Blast order can only accompany an order for a contest page.
  • An Email Blast is only sent out once, after the contest has ended.

Technical Specifications

Email Header

The email header is the information about the email itself, not its content. This includes the "To," "From," and "Subject" fields. A client can customize the "From" and "Subject" lines. Otherwise, LAKANA will use the campaign title or the client's name.

Email From

Specify name and email address. Subject: Please specify subject up to 80 characters (including spaces)

Site Branding Bar & Title

Email Blasts always contain a branding bar from the site it was sent from and an email title below the branding bar. Clients can request a custom email title up to 40 characters (including spaces), otherwise LAKANA will use the campaign title or the client's name.

Email Body

To accommodate a large variety of email client programs, the email body is kept to a basic combination of text and images. LAKANA will produce a mock-up according to the design directions provided for approval.

Copyright Text

Copyright text is located at the bottom of every email sent. It cannot be changed.

Question Fields

A wide variety of Question Fields are available as part of LAKANA's contest tool. All fields appear above the main contest form and are laid out vertically.

Points: 2.75

Production Timeline: N/A

Open Text

The open text field is a text box question that allows visitors to type in responses or answers. This field is good for essay submissions and secret word contests, i.e. watch the 5 p.m. newscast to get the secret word of the day. See example.

Single Answer

The single answer field is a question that allows visitors to choose one answer from several options. There may or may not be a right answer per a site's choice. If the advertiser wishes to designate a correct answer, the database export at the end of the contest will indicate which entrants chose the correct answer. See example.

Multi-Choice Answer

The multi-choice answer field is a question that allows visitors to choose more than one answer from a list of choices. There is no limit to the amount of answers an entrant can choose. See example.

Pre-Select Option

An answer can be pre-checked if a site chooses. The pre-checked option is helpful when the client wishes to encourage entrants to choose that option.

Drop Down

The drop down field is a question whose answers are in a drop down box, either single answer or multi-select. See example.

List Option

The drop down box can be expanded in-line so all options are shown. This option is useful if the client does not wish to have checkboxes or radio buttons next to the answer text. Many visitors may not know how to multi-select answers (control-click), so the multi-select drop down should only be employed if the audience is presumed to be web savvy.


The Voting Form Add-On extends the functionality of a contest by displaying a gallery of images and allowing visitors to vote on those images.

Points: 3.50

Production Timeline: N/A

  • The images are laid out side by side, in two columns, above the entrant data fields.
  • Each 200x150 image can be clicked upon to pop up a new window with the original size image (640x480).
  • Each image can have a brief caption text below it. The character limit for caption text is 30 characters, including spaces. Clients may also opt for uniformed and generic caption text such as "Finalist 1, Finalist 2," and so on.

There is an area on top of the images for text to instruct and prompt the visitors to choose an image in the form below. If the copy is not provided, a generic copy "Pick your favorite photo and vote. Click on image to enlarge." will be used. The total recommended number of image choices is 10, although up to 24 images may be used.

Technical Specifications


  • Display: 200x150 pixels
  • Original: Up to 640x480 pixels


10 is recommended, but up to 24 may be used

Caption Text

Custom or generic. Text limited to 30 characters including spaces

See example.

Winner's Page

A Winner's Page is used to announce winners to contests.If sites want to announce the winner(s) when the contest is over, the contest form can be replaced with custom text, as shown.

Points: 2.50

Production Timeline: N/A

A Winner's Page could also announce winners for more than one contest, if a campaign includes several contests.


Coupons are designed to be printed and redeemed in person. Two sizes are available: a 200x150 pixels or 500x400 pixels.

HTML5 Video Player Module

The HTML5 Video Player Module is programmed onto a Single Page Ad at the top of the right column. The player plays a single video and is defaulted to Auto-Play.

Points: 1.75

Production Timeline: N/A

Technical Specifications


180x135, 240x180 or 320x240 pixels depending on location

File Size

2 GB Max.

Frame Rate


Video Length

15 seconds - 2 minutes; 30 seconds is recommended.


HTML5 Videos default to auto play unless specified. Includes: Play/Pause, Volume, Scrub Bar, Full Screen buttons


1 Max.

Countdown Clock

Countdown clocks are graphics that show how many days, hours, minutes or seconds is left until a specific date or event, such as a sale or event.

Points: 3.50

Production Timeline: N/A

There are two versions available for Single Page Ads: Fixed-Width and Expandable-Width.

Technical Specifications

Fixed Width (example)


  • 180x100 pixels
  • The 180 pixel wide version may be used only in the Right Rail Template, placed in the right-side rail.

  • 300x250 pixels
  • The 300x250 version only fits in columns that are 320 pixels wide or larger.

Expandable Width (example)


34 pixels tall with expandable width (spans the full width of a template's main content area). Spans the full width of the main content area of any template.

Event Details Box

Use an Event Details Box if the advertiser has information (such as the date, time, and location for an event) that would ideally be highlighted on the page and laid out in a more table-like format.


The Event Details Box can be placed at the top of the main text area on any Single Page Template.

Technical Specifications


  • The possible widths of the Event Details Box in each template are as follows:

  • Standard: 600 pixels
  • Right Rail: 500 pixels
  • Showcase: 770 pixels


Each row will be 30 pixels tall


Each row of information has four pixels of padding between it and the next row


The default font will be 14 pixel Arial


Both the font color and the row background color are customizable

Thank You Page

Once an entrant completes the form, they are directed to a Thank You Page. The default thank you message is:

Thanks for signing up! Click here to return to the homepage.

A client can also customize the Thank You Page. See Contest Modules for more information.

Winner & Database Information

  • Stats/winners should only be pulled at the end of the contest, however LAKANA will pull entrant data up to once-per-week per contest. Additional data pulls could require additional costs.
  • LAKANA does not guarantee a number of entrants.
  • A spreadsheet of entrant information and answers can be emailed upon request to anyone with a valid email address. LAKANA requires that information be provided only to those authorized to administer that particular contest.