Contest Page Builds


Contest Page - Build

Contest Page - Build is available when a complete and approved .psd file is provided as the design for the contest, and does not require any design work from LAKANA. All provided Contest Page - Build must follow LAKANA templates.

How to Make a Request

Requests for sales products and services should be submitted via WebScan. Orders will be processed after complete information and approval have been received. Please review the helpful guides below to maximize production and campaign success.

Required Information

In order for LAKANA production to create a contest object, the following information is needed:

  • Contest Title
  • Channel
  • Explainer Text (if no article page has been created)
  • Rules
  • Required User Information (name, email, phone, address, etc.)
  • Question field requirements (if any), plus answers
  • Age Limit Requirements (13, 18 or 21)
  • Newsletter Opt-Ins (news headlines, entertainment contests, etc.)
  • Local Sales Contest Information Form (add all contest details to this form and attach to WebScan order)