Advertorial Modules


Advertorial Module

The Advertorial Module is an integrated content advertising module with more robust design and feature options than the standard Content Module. It is used to integrate relevant sponsored content into an editorial channel. For example, the Health Channel could include an Advertorial Module for a hospital that wants to provide "staying healthy" tips. All Advertorial Modules should be approved by editorial staff prior to submission.

Points: 4.50

Production Timeline: 10 Business Days

The Advertorial Module consists of a template that incorporates the client’s branding as well as a content area for text, links and/or advertorial add-on features.

Module Dimensions: Between 240x600 and 320x600 pixels, depending upon the width of column chosen for placement.


The Topper Graphic

The topper graphic is a large graphic element at the top of the module that incorporates the client’s logo and branding as well as text that titles the content. The topper graphic can include imagery that mimics the title bar style of the page or it can be designed around the client’s branding only.

Technical Specifications


The topper graphic is the full width of the module. It can take up to a third of the total area of the Advertorial Module. (Example: In a 600 pixels Advertorial Module, the topper element would be up to 200 pixels high)

File Size


File Format



GIF, four rotation maximum

Content Area

The content area includes area for messaging text and links.

A maximum of two module add-ons may also be included in the 600 pixel high Advertorial Module. The list of supported add-ons for the module is located below. Content area specifications are defined below:

Technical Specifications


The font in the content area must be the same font, style and size as the main linking and teaser text for the page it is placed on.

Font Color

The font color can be changed as necessary.

Linking Text Color

Linking text will be given a color other than the main site linking color

Off-Site Links

Will open a new window

Note: It is recommended that the Advertorial Module include a background color and 1 pixel border to more clearly identify the content as sponsored content

Advertorial Announcement

The bottom of the Advertorial Module will include the text "Advertisement" in 10 pixel, entirely capitalized, Verdana font. This text can be removed or altered at the stations request.

Content Add-Ons

The following Add-Ons are the supported options for the Advertorial Module:

  • Flash Video Player Module
  • Countdown Clock
  • Lead Generation Form
  • Placement Options

Placement Options

The Advertorial Module can be placed on channel pages in the main content area of the site. The module is not available for use in rail columns (right or left, where ad placements live) or article pages. LAKANA recommends placement near the top of the secondary column as shown in the example at right.

Note: Use of the Advertorial Module on the home page is not recommended. The large size of the module can interfere with standard content layout of the home page, which many users rely upon for navigation and orientation. All home page placements require pre-approval from the sites digital lead.

Content Guidelines

All Advertorial Module content must be provided by the client.

Off-Site Content

The client can include as many text and links to content hosted on their own website as will fit in the maximum height of the module, as they are hardcoded. They will not be tracked.