Static Mobile Banner Ads


Static Mobile Banner Ad

LAKANA will create the standard mobile banner ad size of 320x50 when ordered, unless otherwise requested or otherwise noted below.

Points: 1.00

Production Timeline: 7 Business Days

Technical Specifications


  • 320x50 pixels
  • SCPR: 300x50 pixels
  • Hearst, Graham, Bonten, Morgan Murphy: 300x50, 468x60 pixels

File Format

JPG, GIF (animation allowed*)

File Size

  • 300x50 pixels: 40k
  • 320x50 pixels: 40k
  • 468x60 pixels: 40k

  • 640x100 ad size is also produced and accepted, along with the 320x50, for Retina Display phones (600x100 ad size produced/accepted along with 300x50). File size for Retina Display is 40K.

Internal Links

3 Internal Links Max.

*Mobile phones that run the Android Operating System may not accept animated .gifs and your advertiser should be made aware of this limitation. Mobile phones that don't support image animation tend to render only the first image frame or not render the image at all. For this reason, the Mobile Marketing Association recommends that the first image frame should contain the entire advertising message, instead of leaving important information for subsequent frames.


The Banner can link through to the client's mobile site, be set to Click to Call, or link to the iTunes Store or Android Market to directly download the advertisers' app.

Mobile Banner Ads can be geo-targeted accordingly:

  • Mobile Site: Geo-targeting to city, DMA and zip code according to IP address is available on WiFi only. Geo-targeting to region, state and city according to the IP address is available on carrier connection.
  • Mobile App: Geo-targeting to zip code, DMA or City to users on WiFi and carrier connections is allowed, based off of user location data.