Mobile Hover Ads


Hover Ads are a great way to grab visitors' attention without disrupting their experience of your site. The Ad overlays at the bottom of a page and hovers there while your site scrolls up and down behind it.

Mobile Hover Ad - HTML5

The Mobile Hover Ad - HTML5 is a full 600-pixel wide, 50-pixel tall static image that overlays the bottom of a page and hovers there; if a site visitor scrolls up and down on the site. It remains in its fixed location at the bottom while the site content appears to scroll behind the ad.

Points: 4.50

Production Timeline: 10 Business Days

Technical Specifications


  • Mobile Hover Ad: 600 pixels wide x 50 pixels tall (Safe Area: 320x50)
  • Mobile Hover Ad - Tablet: 1024 pixels wide x 90 pixels tall (Safe Area: 768x90)

File Format


File Size

  • HTML5 and HTML5 Animated: 200k Max. Initial Load Size


Hovers run on all common HTML5-supported browsers. Ads cannot run in Safari with a Frequency Cap, which is standard scheduling for Rich Media Ads. To run Rich Media ads in Safari browsers, please add an additional line in WebScan that can be targeted to Safari with no frequency cap.


Hover Ad - HTML5 can run on the homepage, channel, or article pages of a site. The ad appears at the bottom of the browser and spans the width of the browser. Hover Ad - HTML5 will only run on channel pages unless you specify in the targeting notes that it should run on article pages as well. (See special considerations below).


Hover Ad - HTML5 are not impression-based, but rather sold on a per-day basis. Impressions and clicks to the advertiser's website are tracked in the ad server. The Hover Ad can accommodate two additional click-through links. To capture metrics on the additional click-through data, a click tracker needs to be requested through WebScan for each additional click-through you request. Contact your Client Services Specialist with any questions regarding ordering click trackers in WebScan.

Frequency Cap

Default Frequency Cap

LAKANA defaults the frequency cap on Hover Ads to one per client in a specific location in a 24-hour period. Alternate frequency caps are available, please confirm with your Client Services Specialist if you need longer or shorter frequency caps. If a visitor views that page a second time within 24 hours, they will not see the Hover Ad or leave behind, as the default scheduling. The frequency cap is for each ad in the location. So, for instance, if four different ads were targeted to that ad position, a visitor would see a new Hover Ad each time they came back to that page for up to four visits during the 24 hours immediately following the first time the ad displays. On the fifth visit, they would see no Hover Ads until the 24-hour period has completed.

Best Practices

Since the Hover Ad - HTML5 is sold on a daily basis; they are ideal for campaigns with dated promotional events.