Mobile Banner Ads Animated - HTML5


Mobile Banner Ad Animated - HTML5

Mobile Banners created in HTML5 can run in the traditional banner ad position on your mobile site or application. HTML5 Ads allow for advanced animation.

Points: 2.50

Production Timeline: 7 Business Days

(HTML5 ad products include additional media delivery fees. Please reach out to your corporate contact with questions.)

Mobile Banner Ad Animated - HTML5 Example

Technical Specifications


320x50 pixels

File Format


File Size

50k Max. Initial Load

Internal Links

3 Internal Links Max.


The banner can link through to the client's mobile site, can be click to call, or link to the iTunes Store or Android Market to directly download the advertisers' app.

Note: Users will only be able to click to call one time per session. Once a user has clicked to call, the call functionality will be replaced with a click through URL. If the user receives the ad again, they may call through the click to call function at that time.


Mobile ad products use HTML and will serve to a (mobile/wap site) and to mobile applications viewable on smartphone or tablet devices. Targeting a mobile ad to your mobile website and mobile app would require separate line items. HTML5 objects will display on Apple and Android devices and newer web browsers. HTML5 is also supported on some Blackberry devices, but not all.


HTML5 ads through DFP are supported on the following versions/browsers:

  • ANDROID Versions: Android 2.2+
  • Browser support: preloaded native browser, Chrome
  • iOS Versions: iOS 5+ (although nearly everything is functional on 4.3+)
  • Browser support: preloaded native browser (Safari), Chrome
  • Windows Phone Versions: 8.1 (mobile web only)

Third-Party Ad Tag and Tracking

If you have a third party who wishes to provide this ad, we are happy to test it per our usual procedure. However, due to the proprietary nature of this ad, we are not able to provide HTML5 files or templates for Mobile Ads.