HTML5 Expanded Unit Modules


HTML5 Expanded Unit Modules

HTML5 Expanded Unit Modules can be added to both IAB - Expanding - HTML and Mobile Banner - Expanding HTML5 ads to create an interactive mobile sponsorship. Theses modules enhance the advertiser's ability to engage with the mobile user.

Points: 1.25

Production Timeline: 7 Business Days

(HTML5 ad products include additional media delivery fees. Please reach out to your corporate contact with questions.)


Expanded units can link through to the client's mobile site, be set to Click to Call or link to the iTunes Store or Android Market to directly download the advertisers' app for no additional point charges. Additionally, one of the benefits of HTML5 is the flexibility to showcase mobile device features/capabilities such as 'shake' or 'swipe' actions. Add these two features to your HTML5 ad at no additional cost.

  • The 'shake' feature is only available in iOS. To ensure that Android users can still interact with the ad, units that are using the 'shake' feature will automatically include the 'swipe' function/call to action.
  • Display a different image or message or have the ad link to a client's website after the user shakes or swipes across their device. Device interaction is a great way to engage users with the expanded ad unit.

Expanded units can also include one of the below a la carte modules for a standard media delivery fee. LAKANA can accommodate more than one module for additional media delivery fees.*

A la Carte Modules

Video Module

HTML5 Mobile Expanding with Video Module

The expanded unit can include a teaser element that will prompt a user to play a video from the ad. The video will play within the device's integrated video player.

  • Video Specifications: The maximum video file length is 30 seconds.

Specifications for Client-Provided Videos

If you would like LAKANA to encode and compress files for web use, please send one of the following formats: QuickTime (MOV), AVI, WMV, BetaSP, VHS, DVCPro, DVCam or DVD. Alternatively, the site or a third party may provide Web-ready Flash FLV files.

AVI & Quicktime File Specifications

AVI & Quicktime files must be encoded to these minimum standards:

Video TypeCompression TypeData RateSizeAudioFormatTarget Bill RateFrame Rate
QuicktimeH.264 (Not H.263 or H.261)2000 Kbps or higher640x480 pixels or above44.1 kHzAAC128 Kbps29.97 fps
AVIHuffYUV, Indeo 5.x, DivX or XviDcodecs2000 Kbps or higher640x480 pixels or above (including HD formats)44.1 kHzmp3160 Kbps or higher29.97 fps
WMVWMV 92000 Kbps or higher640x480 pixels or above (including HD formats)44.1 kHzWMA 9160 Kbps or higher29.97 fps

Image Gallery

The image gallery allows for dynamic display of up to 12 photos within the expanded unit of the ad. The user can utilize their device's swipe capability to navigate from image to image.

360 Image Gallery

For more complex products with more features, you may select a 360 Image Gallery. The 360 Image Gallery is a creative way for the user to view the product or object from all angles in a 360 viewing tool. Supply 6-12 images to get the most of the 360 Image Gallery. Please be sure to note their order of display in the WebScan order. Live example of the 360 Image Gallery can be seen via the below link. They must be viewed in HTML5 supported browsers - Chrome or Safari is suggested.

360 Image Gallery (this particular example best used in iPad)


Mobile ad products use HTML and will serve to a (mobile/wap site) and to mobile applications viewable on smartphone or tablet devices. If client would like to target a mobile ad to their mobile website and mobile app separately, they would require separate line items. HTML5 objects will display on Apple and Android devices and newer web browsers. HTML5 is also supported on some Blackberry devices, but not all.


HTML5 ads through DFP are supported on the following versions/browsers:

  • ANDROID Versions: Android 2.2+
  • Browser support: preloaded native browser, Chrome
  • iOS Versions: iOS 5+ (although nearly everything is functional on 4.3+)
  • Browser support: preloaded native browser (Safari), Chrome
  • Windows Phone Versions: 8.1 (mobile web only)


HTML5 Ads includes advanced reporting. Advanced tracking packages are available to request in Webscan and full campaign delivery metrics will be available in DFP.

Trafficking Metrics

  • Impressions
  • CTR (clicks to URL per impression)

Engagement Metrics

Expanding HTML5 Ads:

  • Tracking Expand
  • Tracking Collapse
  • Tracking Dial

Expanding HTML5 Ads with Video:

  • Tracking Expand
  • Tracking Collapse
  • Tracking Dial
  • Tracking Video End
  • Tracking Video Mid
  • Tracking Video Pause
  • Tracking Video Play
  • Tracking Video Start

Expanding HTML5 Ads with Gallery:

  • Tracking Expand
  • Tracking Collapse
  • Tracking Slide
  • Tracking Dial

Third-Party Ad Tag and Tracking

If you have a third party who wishes to provide this ad, we are happy to test it per our usual procedure. However, due to the proprietary nature of this ad, we are not able to provide HTML5 files or templates for Mobile Ads.