Pushdown Ads


Pushdown Ad

Pushdown ads are large animated ads that grab visitors’ attention by briefly pushing down the entire content of the site when a page is first loaded. When the ad contracts it leaves behind a small expandable teaser ad at the top of the page that allows a visitor to re-expand it.

Points: 5.00


Points: 5.50

HTML5 with Video

Production Timeline: 10 Business Days

Pushdown Example

Pushdown with Video Example


Pushdown Ads contain two distinct HTML files - the expanded portion and a teaser portion that are scheduled together to create the Pushdown Ad - HTML5.

The Teaser Ad

It is a small horizontal branded ad that teases a visitor to view the expanded ad. It appears immediately on page load and remains as a leave behind after the ad expands.

Note: The Teaser portion of the Pushdown Ad - HTML5 is also available as a stand-alone ad, without expanding functionality. See Pencil Ad or more details.

The Expanding Ad

The expanded portion of the ad includes the client's messaging and call to action. It appears for approximately seven seconds.

The Expanding Ad with Video

The video option has all the functions of a standard Pushdown Ad, but includes a video player in the body of the ad to attract viewer attention. When a viewer clicks on the video, the ad will remain expanded, even after the duration of the video. The user can choose to pause or mute the video, or close the ad to stop the video playing. From the Teaser Ad, the video will auto-play any time the Pushdown Ad is expanded.

Technical Specifications


  • Graham, Nexstar: Expanded: 1000x300 pixels, Unexpanded: 1000x400 pixels
  • Hearst: Expanded: 940x300 pixels, Unexpanded: 940x40 pixels
  • Bonten, Morgan Murphy, Manship, Hubbard and Marquee: Expanded: 980x300 pixels, Unexpanded: 980x40 pixels

File Format


File Size

HTML5 and HTML5 Animated: 200k Max. Initial Load Size

HTML5 with Video: 250k Max. Initial Load Size

Internal Links

3 Internal Links Max.


Animation must stop when ad contracts

Animation Length

7 seconds (can vary based on browser load times)


Event tracking on expand and collapse button included. For tracking definitions, please click here.


The expanded version must have a COLLAPSE or CLOSE button. The unexpanded version must have an EXPAND button. There is a click through on both portions

Video Length

Max. length :30 seconds, no looping (Pushdown with Video Only)

Video Audio

Must be user-initiated (Pushdown with Video Only)


All common browsers are supported. Ads cannot run in Safari with a Frequency Cap, which is standard scheduling for Rich Media Ads. To run Rich Media ads in Safari browsers, please add an additional line in WebScan that can be targeted to Safari with no frequency cap.

Ad Expansion

Since the ad expands and contracts instantly, it’s not necessary to offer alternative ad expansion options.

Frequency Caps

LAKANA defaults the frequency cap on Pushdown Ads to one drop-down per client in a specific location in a 24-hour period. If a visitor views that page a second time in 24 hours, they will see a leave behind element that will allow them to initiate a second viewing. The frequency cap is for each advertiser in the location. So for instance, if four advertisers were targeted to that ad position, a viewer would see a new Pushdown Ad each time they came back to that page for up to four visits. On the fifth visit, they would see the leave behind element.

Alternative Frequency Caps

  • Increased Frequency Per Day: The site can increase how many times an advertiser's ad auto-expands each day.
  • Auto-Expand: The site can request that an ad expand each time a visitor views the page.
  • User Initiated: The site can request that the ad expand only when a visitor has initiated that viewing.

A site can request one of these options for the entire site or by channel. All requests without specific frequency cap directions will default to the LAKANA standard.


Pushdown Ads are not impression-based, but rather sold on a per-day basis. Impressions and clicks to the advertiser's website are tracked in the ad server. The Pushdown Ad can accommodate two additional click-through links. To capture metrics on the additional click-through data, a click tracker needs to be requested through WebScan for each additional click-through you request. Contact your Client Services Specialist with any questions regarding ordering click trackers in WebScan.

The Pushdown Ad with Video also has the option for advanced tracking, giving advertisers valuable insight into viewer interaction with their ad. The following are tracked for a Pushdown Ad with Video - HTML5:

  • Impressions
  • Click-thru
  • Expand
  • Collapse
  • Close
  • Video Start
  • Video Mid
  • Video End
  • Video Pause
  • Video Play


The Pushdown Ad -HTML5 can go on any channel page of the site. The ad is aligned centered above the site header and is exactly the same width as the header. It is placed and runs below the navigation.

Best Practices

LAKANA recommends using the leave behind teaser ad element as a true "teaser" for the information contained in the expanded portion of the Pushdown Ad - HTML5. The expanded element provides additional space for animation, images, and product information. It is recommended that large bodies of text be avoided or broken into easy to read bullet items.

Third-Party Ad Tags

Pushdown Ads can support a variety of different third party ad tags. LAKANA provides a list of pre-approved third party vendors whose ad tags can be served with about two days of development. New vendor ad tags must be analyzed for technical and product specifications.

For specific details and the approved vendor list, see Third Party Ad Tags.

Note: Third party pixel tracking is available for this product only at an agency's request.