Pencil Ads


Pencil Ad - HTML5

The Pencil Ad - HTML5 is a small horizontal branded ad that appears immediately on page load and remains on the page until a viewer goes to another channel where the ad is not scheduled or leaves the site completely. If a visitor returns to site and channel to which the ad is scheduled, the Pencil Ad - HTML5 will still be there.

Points: 3.50

Production Timeline: 7 Business Days

Note: The Pencil Ad is also available as a static JPG, PNG, or GIF for 1.0 points.

Pencil Ad Example

Technical Specifications

Below are the dimensions of the useable areas for messaging and imagery - all text and images need to fall within the below dimensions:


1000x40, 980x40, 940x40 pixels (Additional sizes are available upon request)

File Format


File Size

200k Max.

Internal Links

3 Internal Links Max.


The Pencil Ad - HTML5 can go on any section page of the site. The default is the section front page, and story pages of a section are available on request. The ad is aligned left below the site header and is exactly the same width as the header and site navigation.

Third-Party Ad Tags and Tracking

Pencil Ads can support a variety of different third party ad tags. LAKANA provides a list of pre-approved third party vendors whose ad tags can be served with about two days of development. New vendor ad tags must be analyzed for technical and product specifications.

Note: Third party pixel tracking is available by request for this product.