Peelback Ads


Peelback Ad - HTML5

Peelback Ads are high impact rich media ads that offer advertisers prime, top of the page placement. It starts as a teaser ad in the top corner of channel pages. Visitors click on the teaser to peel back the page, revealing an animated message within. The user has the option to close the ad at any time, but otherwise the ad will resolve itself after 7 seconds.

Points: 5.00

Production Timeline: 10 Business Days

Peelback Example

Technical Specifications


  • Teaser Ad: 126x126 pixels
  • Peelback Ad: 650x650 pixels

File Format


File Size

HTML5: 200k Max. Initial Load Size

Internal Links

3 Internal Links Max.


All common browsers are supported. Ads cannot run in Safari with a Frequency Cap, which is standard scheduling for Rich Media Ads. To run Rich Media ads in Safari browsers, please add an additional line in WebScan that can be targeted to Safari with no frequency cap.


Peelback Ads are comprised of two pieces of creative - the creative teaser and then the expanded portion to reveal more information.

Teaser Ad

The teaser ad encourages visitors to mouse over the ad in order to view the content.

Peelback Ad

The Peelback Ad includes content, links and images. The expansion of the ad must be initiated by visitors.

Please note that total space of the ad is different than the space the ad appears in.


Peelback Ads run in the top right corner of channel pages and the home page.

Note: Placement rules may differ between customer groups, please contact your LAKANA representative for clarification.


Peelback Ads are not impression-based, but rather sold on a per-day basis.

Frequency Caps

LAKANA defaults the frequency cap on Peelback Ads to one per client in a specific location in a 24-hour period. Alternate frequency caps are available, please confirm with your LAKANA Client Services Specialist if you need longer or shorter frequency caps. Please note that there is an option to remove the frequency cap all together.


Certain restrictions apply to use and functionality of a Peelback Ad, including:

  • Peelback Ads cannot run with Hover Ads or Pushdown Ads or Rich Media Interstitial Ad Units
  • Peelback Ads cannot be Weather-Triggered


The Peelback ad may not appear correctly in Opera browsers on Mac machines, depending upon other flash elements that exist on the page. Opera loads Flash ads based on the order that the position is built on the page, which may cause the Peelback Ad to appear layered over or under other ads that exist on the page.

Best Practices

Due to the placement of Peelback Ads, LAKANA strongly recommends road-blocking with a Leaderboard Ad. We also recommend a call-to-action on the teaser element to entice users to click for more information.

Third-Party Ad Tags

Peelback Ads can support a variety of different third party ad tags. LAKANA provides a list of pre-approved third party vendors whose ad tags can be served with about two days of development. New vendor ad tags must be analyzed for technical and product specifications.

For specific details and the approved vendor list, see Third-Party Ad Tags.

Note: Third-party pixel tracking is available for this product only at an agency's request.


Tracking will include:

  • Impressions
  • Click-thru
  • Peels (expand)
  • Collapse Button Clicks

For tracking definitions, please click here.