Page Skin Ads


Page Skin Ad

Page Skin Ads are ads that use a client's logo or graphic as the background of the desktop site. Such ads are prominent and pervasive without disrupting visitors' experience.

Points: 2.50

Production Timeline: 10 Business Days

Page Skin Ad Example

Page Skin with Pencil Ad Example

Technical Specifications

Below are the dimensions of the useable areas for messaging and imagery - all text and images need to fall within the below dimensions:


  • Bonten, WFMZ, Morgan Murphy: 132x865 pixels on both sides

File Format

Static JPG or GIF

File Size

80k (40k/side)

Internal Links

1 Internal Link Max.

Note: The Page Skin is a static image (.jpg or .gif) and cannot be flash or an animated .gif

All Page Skins will be anchored as LAKANA's standard and will remain visible and constant on the page when a user scrolls (not scrolling with the page).

All Page Skins are created according to the most common screen resolution size (1280x1024). Any computers that have a larger or smaller resolution may see the Page Skin differently. Because of this, LAKANA recommends that messaging is concise focused in the middle of the ads to avoid the text running off of the ad in larger screen resolutions.

All Page Skins have the ability to click through to an indicated website. The Page Skin can only have one linking URL.

Page Skins cannot run on mobile tablets or mobile phones, due to the lack of 'gutter' placements for the ad unit. Page Skins will only run on desktop browsers.

If you would like your Page Skin to scroll when the user scrolls on the page, please request this in your order. Please also note the useable Page Skin area above and take this into consideration when providing creative direction. The Page Skin area will be replaced by a solid background color when the page is scrolling, with this option.


Placement for any variation of the Page Skin appears on both sides of the site content. Sizing may vary slightly between sites, due to site layout. Usable messaging areas are as follows:

Usable Messaging Area

  • Bonten, Maranatha, Morgan Murphy: 132x865 pixels on both sides


Page Skin's can be geo-targeted, frequency capped and weather-triggered. The Page Skin cannot be scheduled impression-based but should be sold as part of a sponsorship as even-rotation sponsor or exclusive.

Best Practices

Keep messaging to a minimum, to allow for the entire message to fit in a visible area of the Page Skin Ad.

Pair a Page Skin Ad with a Pencil ad that is designed to blend in with the Page Skin design. This provides a continuous Page Skin look and integrates other ad units on the page.

Third-Party Information

Third party ad tags are not supported. In order to provide a Page Skin, it must follow the above dimensions and the background Hex color must be provided in the WebScan order. If LAKANA must adjust the Page Skin to fit the above sizes or determine the hex color, then the Page Skin must be a Creative Request in WebScan.