Billboard Ads


Billboard Ad

The IAB Billboard is a high-visibility ad unit with clear value for advertisers offering a large-sized video unit in the ad body. One of the Billboard's unique features is the "Close Ad" button that collapses 100% of the Billboard Ad. When a user clicks the "Close Ad" button, the ad disappears and pushes the page content up. A "Show Ad" button will remain and clicking "Show Ad" will expand the ad again.

Points: 1.00

Billboard Ad - Static

Points: 3.50

Billboard Ad - HTML5

Points: 5.00

Billboard Ad - HTML5 Client Provided Video

Points: 11.25

Billboard Ad - HTMl5 LAKANA Produced Video

Production Timeline: 10 Business Days

Billboard Ad - Static Example

Billboard Ad - Animated Example

Billboard Ad - Video Example

Technical Specifications


  • Graham, Nexstar: 1000x300 pixels
  • Manship and Marquee: 980x300 pixels
  • Turner, Hearst, Bonten, Morgan Murphy, and WFMZ: 970x250 pixels

File Format


File Size

HTML5: 250k Max. Initial Load Size

Internal Links

3 Internal Links Max.


0:15 second Max. This does not apply to video


“Show ad” text with double carrot icon. No border required

Video Element

The video appears in the ad body and has a large play button overlay. Once a user clicks on the video it starts with full video and audio. The player also features a pause/replay button.

Video Length

Max. length :30 seconds, no looping


350k bit rate


Only when video is playing. Must be user-initiated

Aspect Ratio

16:9 and 4:3

File Format for Pause Button



Impressions and clicks. Advanced tracking differs per Ad option. For tracking definitions, click here


All common browsers are supported. Ads cannot run in Safari with a Frequency Cap, which is standard scheduling for Rich Media Ads. To run Rich Media ads in Safari browsers, please add an additional line in WebScan that can be targeted to Safari with no frequency cap.


The Billboard Ad can go on any channel page of the site. The ad is aligned below the site header and is exactly the same width as the header. It runs in the same space as a Pushdown Ad.


LAKANA highly recommends that the Billboard Ad does not run on the same page or at the same time as a Pushdown or Hover Ad.

Production Options: Client-Provided Video or LAKANA-Produced Video

Clients may provide their own video per the technical specifications described above, or LAKANA can produce the video.

If LAKANA is producing the Video, a Video Productions producer will write and submit a script based on copy points or a suggested script from the client. Once approved, the script is shot and the ad unit is sent for client's approval. If revisions are requested, the changes are made and the ad is again sent for approval. Once approved, the ad is scheduled to run on the site.

Third-Party Ad Tags and Tracking

This ad product is supported as a third party ad product. For detailed technical specifications visit the Third Party Ad Serving Section.

Note: Third party pixel tracking is available for this product only at an agency's request.


The following are tracked for Billboard Ad with Video:

  • Impressions
  • Click-thru
  • Expand
  • Collapse
  • Close
  • Video Start
  • Video Mid
  • Video End
  • Video Pause
  • Video Play

For tracking definitions, please click here.

Frequency Caps

LAKANA defaults the frequency cap on Billboard Ads to one per client in a specific location in a 24-hour period. There is no leave behind for the Billboard Ad. If a user navigates away from the page and later returns, there will be no leave behind remaining.

Hearst Television runs the Billboard Ad as a Run of Site (ROS), standard CPM product.

Alternate frequency caps are available, please confirm with your Client Services Specialist if you need longer or shorter frequency caps. The frequency cap is for each client in the location. So, for instance, if four clients were targeted to that ad position, a visitor would see a new Billboard Ad each time they came back to that page for up to four visits. On the fifth visit, they would see no Billboard Ads.

Best Practices

The ad body should prompt a visitor to watch the video, and the ad text should support the video's main message. To increase the effectiveness and readability of the ad, LAKANA recommends keeping ad copy brief and concise. When appropriate, break copy down to easily read bullet items.