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How it Works

Audience extension is an advertising industry term describing the ability to serve targeted campaigns to audiences across many web and mobile properties.

Content publishers offer their unsold inventory to Ad Exchanges

DataXu accesses the Ad Exchanges, looking for inventory availability, real-time pricing data and user information

Using pre-defined filters such as location, gender, income and behavior, DataXu delivers targeted audiences

Spokane, WA

Female, 35-44, $60K+

Health Interest

Missoula, MT

Male, 18-34, $40K+

Sports Interest

Abilene, TX

Male & Female, 18-64, $40K+


Benefits of Audience Everywhere

Audience extension is becoming a standard offering - because it works!

  • Expand your inventory

    Deliver the impression volumes advertisers want, with broad reach or narrow targeting. Great solution for sites with low display or pre-roll inventory.

  • Expand your reach

    Deliver audience segments (aka demos) that fall outside your typical on-air or digital audience.

  • Offer a complete marketing plan

    Combine the quality audiences of your TV and digital properties with the reach and precision targeting of Audience Everywhere for a complete campaign with one-stop-shop convenience.

  • Stay in the game

    Audience extension is becoming a standard offering - because it works. Media companies that can’t deliver off-site audiences are at an increasing disadvantage in the marketplace.

Targeting Options

Reach your target audience by using a blend of targeting options.

Demographic Targeting

Targets individual users based on demographic characteristics such as age, gender, and/or household income.

Contextual Targeting

Targets a specific web and and mobile properties based on their content focus. Audience Everywhere offers 26 contextual categories, including health, entertainment, automotive, sports, etc.

Geographic Targeting

Targets individual users based on the location from which they are accessing the web.

Site Targeting

Targets individual users who recently visited your website.

Behavioral Targeting

Targets individual users based on browsing habits.

The Audience Everywhere Team is very responsive and constantly provides critical insights to insure my clients’ success.

Shamire Goodwin, WISN-TV

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