Platform / Library

Rapid and responsive site creation, powered by LAKANA’s comprehensive module and theme library.

Refined over Time. Built for the Future.

Through the design and development of hundreds of locally focused news sites, LAKANA’s module and theme library continues to expand and evolve, based on the knowledge and experience our product teams gain.

Amino Configurable


Our flexible front end puts the control back into the hands of the end user. This framework provides hundreds of combinations of UI configurations that can be deployed, on the fly, without the need of a designer or developer.

Amino Comprehensive


At any given time, our out-of-the box, front end configurations meet 98 percent of the responsive site design use cases seen in news media; including breaking news, weather and sports scores.

Amino Cool


Amino is built on top of LAKANA’s core PAAS platform (platform as a service), one of the most trusted and forward-looking technologies available to online publishers. We are mobile first, UX driven, and provide you with a complete responsive design package, out of the box.

Explore our Themes

Our dynamic theming system allows for beautiful sites, while allowing for over 50% reduction in build time. For more complex implementations, our themes provide a solid foundation to further customize for your needs.

Amino The BroadcastAmino The BroadcastAmino The Broadcast

Layouts & Modules.

Our collection of modules, UI components, and layouts allow you to build your own responsive site in minutes. Module configurations and drag & drop capabilities provide an on-the-fly site manipulation experience.

Theme Library

Themes control the look and feel of your website, and give you the ability to make the tweaks that best fit your users' experience.

Layout Collection

Our platform comes packaged with 4 default layout templates. The flexible grid framework also allows for many more custom combinations to suit any design's needs.